Best Farm House Stay in Bhutan | Best way of visiting Farm Houses

Experience the best of typical farm house stay and warm hospitality of Bhutanese at remote regions of Bhutan. Find the difference in living standard between rural and urban areas, see the most happiest people in the world and the peaceful families. Know all the secrets of why people in Bhutan are the most happiest among all. Take out strong message and separate the importance of self happiness, social happiness and simplicity of the life.

We organize series of local activities which can give you access to direct interacting with typical Bhutanese families, having meals with them, sharing unheard stories, let you have best bath ever you had in life, hot stone bath or “Dotsho”, try archery competition with locals, try photo shooting in Bhutanese dress- Gho for men and Kira for women and many more.

For more details you can click on

Farm House

Farm House Bed Room

Farm House Entrance

Farm House Host

Farm House View

Farm House Washing









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