Bhutan Trip: 10-August, 2013 to 29-Aug, 2013

Date: 10-Aug, 2013 to 29-Aug, 2013


Mr. Domenico Giandonato 

I don’t usually send reviews for my trips, but this was a very special life journey and deserves a few words. Been traveling a lot in my life for business and pleasure. Ive always had the desire to visit Bhutan one day. Last May I made my decision. Browsing on line, I contacted a few travel agencies in Bhutan including “Heavenly Bhutan Travel”.

Mr. Raju from “Heavenly Bhutan Travel” was the only one who perfectly and quickly accommodated my desire on travel starting from the east of the country, in Samdrup Jongkhar, and ending to the west, in Paro. I mentioned to him the purpose and my interests for this trip as a solo tourist. I explained to him that I was interested on the every day life of the population inclusive of the spiritual, political and administrative aspects, traditions, nature and so on. I expressed my desire to stay in some five stars hotels in the country, Amankora and Uma by Como, but also in some more traditional and local accommodations. My twenty days itinerary was ready within the next day, with little to be adjusted and a selection of the places to visit and hotels that were impeccable.

When I met my guide Mr. Sajan and my driver Mr. Ram, in Samdrup Jongkhar, at the border entry, I was welcomed to this Heavenly Country with a blessing and a smile full of joy.

Mr. Sajan is an open encyclopedia. He knows every single detail of the country, every single corner. His knowledge of Buddhism, history and tradition of the country is impressive. He introduced me and exposed me to a lot of memorable people, events and music, which they will stay in me forever.

Mr. Ram, is a wonderful person, very expert and smooth driver, impressive knowledge on the flora and the fauna of the country. With him as driver, I re-discovered the beauty and the utility of little things in nature. His sense of humor is enjoyable and funny.

I would like to thank you Mr. Raju, Mr. Sajan and Mr. Ram from “Heavenly Bhutan Travel” to have given me the opportunity to make one of my life’s dream come through. Unfortunately after twenty days I left the country, but I gain three new friends and a wonderful experience in the journey of life.

TashiDelek La “Heavenly Bhutan Travel” team, looking forward to see you soon!


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