Bhutan Trip Feedback by Pablo & Barbara from Chile: 30-Apr to 9-May 2013

30-Apr to 9-May 2013-Pablo & Barbara from Chile

Dear Raju and team of Heavenly Bhutan Travel agency,

We hope your are all in good shape. We are now in Chile, with our families and facing once again our everyday routine. But we don’t forget you and beatiful Bhutan.
We want you to know that thanks to you and your team, our journey through Bhutan was an unforgetfull and surprising experience.
Raju, having met us on our arrival and later, when we were leaving, including presents for our daughters, was a very warm and unexpected way to receive us, which we appreciate. We are also grateful for the special care you took to meet all our demands during all our stay.
We thank Tibi, our loyal, friendly and wise guide (and good trecker, too), always attentive and mindfull during all our journey. We felt in good hands.
We thank Ram (Rambo) and his excelent good humour, his expert conduction of the car and the fishing cane which gave us the oportunity of tasting excelent trouts directly picked up from the river.
We are also thankfull for our confortable and excelent car, in which we felt almost as the royal family: Doors were opened, suitcases picked up, our desires were orders β€œfoto, foto…please stop.”
But also for the itinerary you chosed for us which included not only the magnificent monuments of your country, incredible sightseeings, jacks, monkeys, but also long and some times tiresome treckings which made us loose some fat and plumpiness; for visiting the school of arts and crafts; arriving at excelent Hotels and restaurants, having good local food an lots and lots of chile !!!!!!!!! including a birthday cake with candles; local dances and so many other incredible experiences difficult to forget.
Finally we want to tell you that your country, with its magestic and non contaminated beauty, during the hours and hours of drive, was a perpetual cause for wonder and emotion, the same as your people, always gentle and similing. We felt always welcomed.
I highly recomend people wanting to visit this magic country, to get in touch with Raju and his Heavenly Bhutan Travel agency. I can assure all that they will not be disappointed.
I am enclosing some photographs for new clients to come.
We have many other photos, if you need more I can send them in little groups because of the weight.
Un gran abrazo para todos, Pablo y Barbara
It means “a big hug for all of you”

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