Why travelers look for best company?

I am not saying because I run Travel Company, I am not desperate to hook any travelers into Bhutan but this is my honest observation which may be helpful to any individuals or group booking your trip through new company online which you have never seen or heard about them before.

There are about more than 600 agencies in Bhutan and I am quite sure the most difficult part for tourist visiting Bhutan is finding suitable travel agent based in Bhutan, who can offer best services, best price and offer unique tours. Yes, this is what everybody needs and at the end of the day, nobody wants to spoil their most waited, expensive holiday.  

Having led many groups I myself throughout Bhutan, having talked with many visitors every day, having gone through many comparison between 50 yrs old companies, 20 years old companies or just born yesterday, I see there is no difference at all. Of course you are right and yes we need to be careful if we are choosing companies in other countries around the world.

Why worry free in Bhutan? Probably Bhutan is the only country in the world where every single tourist is properly monitored by the government, have set one common fixed tariff with the policy of “high value, low impact” with fixed inclusion of very good international standard of hotels three star plus and all included full board packages. Despite any experiences, volume or places to be covered, the set minimum tariff is same for all the tour operators/travel agents.   Therefore Bhutan is infact I say worry free, peaceful travel destination in the world.

I am sure the question of looking best Travel Company is not yet solved but here’s what might make you feel better hence forth. I personally feel the new companies are far far better than experienced renowned companies. This is because every new individual wants their company to get more business and to increase every season just like every one of us and toward this goal, every young players end of providing many many extra services, best price and hotels as we know the strong promotion would be word of mouth.  Moreover its easy, since the tariff is set by the government, and have set services that you are guaranteed. So why to waste our time looking best company? Click anywhere you like and pick up whoever fulfills your needs and provides suitable programs that you are looking for.

Did I make any difference? I Hope so…….enjoy your holiday.

Your opinion is more than welcomed.


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