Earthquake in Sikkim

It was around 6.40pm on 18th Sept, 2011. When I was about to write a mail to my friend, suddenly I found myself shaking like anything, when I stood up I knew its massive earthquake taking place somewhere, the shake was too strong as I was not to stand enough.

Everything started getting off from the showcase, rack, cupboard etc, door and window cracking, I kept myself silent in the room (4th floor) started praying god help me. Inside I felt I am surely going to die and thought this will be the end of my world. I also realized that what a bad occasion to die (on birth day). Imagination house collapsing in my mind was the worst part of the quake for me ah….

Thank god the quake just lasted about a min, would have been more than a min surely the building that I stay could have gone to the ground as it is poorly build in 90s, when people were not much aware of the earthquake prone zone in Bhutan.

We never know when we have to recall this moment again. Oh god let not anybody be in this situation in the whole world, not even my deadliest enemy.

Be Happy always, life is short.

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